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Serenity Family Funerals offers the full range of cremation funeral services in Sydney and the Central Coast region. Our funeral director, Deborah George, will personally help you arrange a cremation service that honours your beloved family member. Cremation is an increasingly popular funeral option in Australia, with over 60% of funerals now being cremations.

Cremation Funeral Options

We understand that arranging a funeral following the loss of a loved one can be an emotional and daunting task. We aim to make it as simple and easy as possible for you.

Direct cremation: Also known as ‘no-service cremation’, ‘basic cremation’ or ‘cremation only’. This is a simple, low-cost funeral option that does not include any type of funeral ceremony or memorial service. The deceased will be cremated and their ashes will be returned to you.

Non-attended Cremation followed by Chapel Service: This is a good option if you need more time for family and friends to organise to travel from interstate or overseas. The deceased will be cremated, without anyone in attendance, and their ashes returned to you. Then at a later date, a funeral service is held at a chapel.

Chapel Service & Cremation: A service is held at the chapel at the crematorium, and cremation occurs immediately following the ceremony.

Church Service & Cremation: A funeral service is held at a church followed by a cremation after the ceremony.

Other Options: Other variations are available, such having a service in a park, beach or other venue. We can help you plan highly personalised funeral services which reflect the character and life of your loved one.

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How Much Does Cremation Cost?

The cost of a cremation funeral is considerably cheaper than the cost of a burial funeral. The reason for that is the high price that cemeteries charge for burial plots (currently averaging over $9000 in Sydney) and for opening and closing a grave.

Serenity Family Funerals has a range of cremation funerals at various price points so that whatever your budget, we have something for you.

Direct Cremations

A direct cremation, which is an unattended cremation without a ceremony, and is the cheapest funeral option available. You’ll receive the ashes of your loved one and you may choose to organize a private memorial service at a future date if you wish.

Budget Cremation Memorial Service

If you want a low cost funeral but you want a bit more than a direct cremation, then you may like our Budget Memorial Service, which is a direct cremation plus a memorial service at least a day or two after the cremation. The ashes of your loved one will be at the memorial service instead of the traditional coffin.
From $3440

Budget Cremation Funeral

A budget funeral in a chapel.
From $5700

Elegant Cremation Funeral

A traditional funeral in a chapel or a church.
From $7740

Dignified Cremation Funeral

A full-service funeral in a chapel or a church with a more up-market coffin.
From $9070

Get more details about our funeral prices on our pricing page:

Serenity Family Funerals will arrange a beautiful, dignified farewell for your loved one, to suit your wishes and your budget.
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Servicing all of Sydney and the Central Coast

Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation Funerals

What is cremation?

It is the use of intense heat to reduce a body to its basic elements. The process takes place in a special furnace called a cremation chamber or retort, where temperatures can range from 900 to 1100 degrees Celsius.

Is cremation against my religion?

We advise you ask a religious leader within your faith to double-check. Due to the rising cost of burial plots, cremations are now allowed in most religions, including: Greek Orthodox, Jewish Orthodox, Muslim, and some fundamentalist Protestant groups. Cremation is now allowed by the Roman Catholic church but the ashes must be buried, entombed or kept in an urn, and not be scattered.
While cremation funerals had been rare in some religions, the rising cost of burial plots in cemeteries, has made cremation funerals cheaper than burial funerals, resulting in a increasing percentage of cremation funerals across most religions.

Is cremation environmentally friendly?

Yes. While it produces more CO2 in the short term, than burial does, several studies have shown that over the long term, 10-50% less CO2 is produced. This is because a burial plot and the cemetery grounds must have their lawn mowed ever more. The lawn may also require watering and fertilising to keep it looking good.

Is a coffin necessary for cremation?

Yes. The NSW Public Health Regulation 2022 requires that all cremations, including direct cremations, use a coffin. If you want the body of the deceased to be present during a funeral ceremony, then at least a basically presentable coffin is needed. But if you are opting for a direct cremation, or will only hold a ceremony after the cremation, then we will use the very simplest, low-cost coffin available.

Can we have a viewing before a cremation?

Yes. A viewing is often a sentimental moment for the family, that can help provide closure following the loss of a loved one.

A viewing can be held as either:

  • part of the funeral ceremony, or
  • as a separate event, a day or two prior to the funeral. This allows you to choose to make it a private event for just a select group of family and friends, if you wish.

When does the cremation take place?

For an attended cremation, it will take place immediately after the funeral service.
Non-attended cremations will take place within 48 hours, during which time the coffin will be stored in a refrigerated holding room.

How long does the actual cremation take?

For an adult, it usually takes two to three hours, depending on the weight of the person. There is also an additional hour or two required for preparation and cooling.

Can the family be present during the cremation process?

Families can only be present to watch the coffin entering the cremator, but the crematorium will charge an additional fee for this. 

What options are there for the ashes?

There are several main options:
  • Ashes can be placed in an urn and kept at home.
  • The ashes can be memorialised at a cemetery or memorial garden by either:
    • Burying them
    • Placing them in a wall niche.
  • Scattering the ashes in one or more places.
  • Burying the ashes and planting a tree over the top.

There is no rule that the ashes must be kept together, so some family members may wish to keep a portion of the ashes and the rest can be scattered.

Do you need permission to scatter the ashes?

Yes, you must get permission to scatter ashes from the owners of private land or the Trustee of parks and reserves, or from local council for parks, beaches and playing fields, because scattering of ashes may contravene the air or water pollution guidelines of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. Councils and other Government Authorities may specify when and where scattering of ashes can take place and may impose other conditions.
You can find more information about what you can do with ashes at the NSW government health website

Can I take ashes overseas?

Yes, it is legal to take cremated ashes overseas, but before you go, you must contact the consulate of the country that you are visiting and comply with their requirements. The ashes need to be transported in your hand luggage in a sealed urn or container, with a copy of the death certificate, and a copy of a statement from the crematorium identifying the deceased person, noting when and where the body was cremated.

Where are the crematoriums in Sydney located?

There are currently ten crematoriums in Sydney, located at: Kellyville Ridge, Leppington, Macquarie Park, Matraville, Minchinbury, North Ryde, Rookwood, and Sutherland.

Who is authorised to make the funeral arrangements?

If the deceased has a Will, the executor of the Will has the authority to make the funeral arrangements. If the will contains instructions about funeral arrangements, then the executor does not legally have to follow those instructions except for whether the deceased wanted to be cremated or buried (which are legally binding).
If the deceased does not have a Will, or no executor was named, the person who is responsible for arranging the funeral is the closest next of kin, e.g. wife, eldest child. Read more about this at

Does the government provide any financial assistance following a bereavement?

Centrelink offers a variety of bereavement payments for Australian residents:
  • Single Pensioners: The estate will receive one full pension payment after the person’s death.
  • Sole Parent Pension: If a child dies, the parent may be entitled to a further 14 weeks following death. It will be paid in a lump sum.
  • Married Pensioners: If your spouse dies, you may be eligible to receive a further 14 weeks of their pension, which may be paid in a lump sum.
  • Carers Pension: If you are receiving carers pension and the person you’re caring for dies, you may be entitled to receive a further 14 weeks of pension, which will be paid in fortnightly payments.
  • Surviving Spouse – Bereavement Allowance Pension: If your spouse dies, and you do not have sufficient means to support yourself, then you may receive 14 weeks of bereavement allowance.
  • Widows Allowance: If the surviving wife has no recent workforce experience and is over 60, she may be entitled to regular payments.
You can find out more information at the official government web page about the available financial assistance.
If you have additional questions about funerals in general, then please read our general Frequently Asked Questions page or feel free to give us a call.
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