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Serenity Family Funerals

Funeral Director Hornsby

We provide funeral services to Hornsby, the Central Coast, and Northern Sydney. Deborah George, our funeral director, will personally organize every detail of a funeral for your beloved family member.Whether you’re after a traditional funeral service, a direct cremation, or a basic, low cost funeral, Deborah will compassionately help and guide you through the steps following a bereavement.

Types Of Funeral Services

When arranging a funeral service, one the main decisions you’ll make is whether to have a burial or a cremation. A burial funeral service costs about the same as a cremation service does. However, the total cost of a burial funeral will be much higher than of a cremation because you also need to buy a burial plot from the cemetery, which costs over $10000 in Northern Sydney (much cheaper on the Central Coast at about $3500).A cremation without any ceremony (also known as an unattended cremation or a direct cremation) is the cheapest funeral option. The ashes of your loved one will be given to you, and you can arrange to have a private memorial service at a later date.
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Burial Funerals

About 40% of funerals are traditional burial funerals, and some religions still require burial instead of cremation. There are two types of burial services: The first is a service in a church, chapel or other place, which is followed by a short service at the graveside; the second type consists of only a longer graveside service.
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Prepaid Funerals

By prepaying your funeral costs, you lock in the price, and that saves your family a significant amount of money. Another option is to pre-arrange your funeral, but not to prepay for it. This means you’re guaranteed of the send-off you want, without giving your family the stress of organizing it.
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Cremation Funerals

Cremation is, not only the most affordable funeral option, it is also the most commonly chosen option in Sydney. We can organize for the cremation to take place on the same day, if needed. Debbie, our funeral director, will organize a service that meets your needs, whether it’s a basic service or something a bit more elaborate.
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Funeral Services in Hornsby, the Central Coast and northern Sydney

Our Funeral Director & Team

Funeral Director, sydney, Debbie George
Serenity Family Funerals is proudly owned and operated by Deborah George. As the lead funeral director, Deb and her team have over 25 years of experience, organizing funeral services in Hornsby, Northern Sydney and the Central Coast for families of cultures, backgrounds, and religions.Deb started her career as a funeral director in her early 20s, and she quickly realized that she had the ability to help families by guiding them through the grief process and honouring their wishes with reliability and intuition. Deb is genuinely compassionate and empathetic person who feels honoured and privileged to be able to help guide families through the often emotional process of organizing a funeral service for their loved ones.
“As a locally owned family funeral business, our reputation is very important to us, and we do our utmost to provide a great service with care and compassion.”
When you engage us to organize a funeral service, you will get personal service from our funeral director throughout the process, rather than having to deal with several different employees like you might have to when you engage a corporate-owned funeral companies in the northern Sydney area.Deb, our funeral director, will respond to your initial enquiry, and will then meet with you to establish a plan. She then organizes everything, and will also attend the service to make sure everything goes smoothly. It’s that personal relationship and continuity with our funeral director that helps make sure that your wishes are clearly understood and carefully and respectfully actioned.
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Funeral Services in Hornsby, the Central Coast and northern Sydney

What Do Funeral Directors Do?

The role of a funeral director is to organize to give the deceased a fitting farewell, and to make the process as simple and easy as possible for the family. Our funeral director will help you get clear on what you would like, and then she carefully organizes it all so that it all goes according to plan.

Compassionate support through the process, so you can relax about the funeral details.

What is not included in the price of a funeral package?


Cremation Memorial Location:

The cost of our cremation funeral packages doesn’t cover the cost of buying a resting place for ashes in a memorial park. In the northern suburbs of Sydney, a wall niche costs upwards of $2500, and an in-ground memorial costs at least $4000, Central Coast prices are a little cheaper. Some people choose to keep their loved-one’s ashes in an urn at their home. Another option is to scatter the ashes at an appropriate place.

Burial Plot:
Our burial packages don’t include the cost of a cemetery burial plot. You need to buy a burial plot directly from the cemetery. The cost of a burial plot in northern Sydney is usually over $10,000, and the cost in a Central Coast cemetery is at least $3,400.


What does the price of a funeral from Serenity Family Funerals include?


How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

Our aim is to provide your loved one with a dignified farewell at an affordable price. We cater to all price ranges: from a basic low cost funeral service to a full elaborate service, we’ll organize something that meets your needs and budget. See our funeral prices…

Buying a burial plot or ashes memorial

The cost of a purchasing a burial plot or a memorial isn’t included in prices, but we are able to arrange the purchase for you and as on additional service.
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Funeral Services in Hornsby, the Central Coast and northern Sydney

Organizing A Funeral

Organizing a funeral service for a loved one is an emotional and daunting task. Therefore, we make it simple and easy for you.

1. Contact Us

Call ‭0401 839 700, and Deborah, our funeral director, will get the ball rolling. Or if you prefer, you can use the Contact Us form and Deborah will respond as soon as possible.    

2. Meet Our Funeral Director

Deborah will meet with you at your home or wherever else you chose. She will discuss your wishes, explain the options that are available, and the costs, and settle on a plan for the funeral service.

3. We Organize The Funeral

We organize all aspects, including transport, mortuary care, venues (crematorium, church or chapel, cemetery), celebrant, flowers, Death certificate, coffin, and more…  
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Funeral Services in Hornsby, the Central Coast and northern Sydney
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funeral services frequently asked questions sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

Organizing to mark the passing of a family member is something most people have never done. Therefore, it is understandable if you have many questions about the process. Our FAQ, we’ve tried to answer as many questions as possible about this delicate subject, including: How long between the death and the service? Where can a service be held? How do I get death certificate? Can I actively participate in the service / ceremony?

the five stages of grief

Guidance Through The Stages Of Grief

Grief is a very natural response to loss, and differently people can experience it differently. There isn’t a ‘correct’ way to grieve, but there are phases of grief, and understanding them can equip you with healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the painful and unexpected emotions. This article provides the information that you need to help both yourself, and others members of your family, to deal with these difficult times.
how to write a eulogy

How to Write Eulogy

Public speaking is usually challenging, and in combination with the emotion of saying goodbye to a loved one, delivering a eulogy at can seem like an overwhelming task. However, if you’re able to do it, then it’s a unique and meaningful way of honouring the deceased. We have created this handy guide to writing a eulogy. It tells you how to structure the eulogy and what to include, and so you can tackle it with confidence.
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Funeral Services in Hornsby, the Central Coast and northern Sydney
What families are saying
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Funeral Services in Hornsby, the Central Coast and northern Sydney