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Prepaid Funerals
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Arranging a prepaid funeral is becoming an increasingly popular option due to the many benefits that it provides.

  • Pre-plan your own funeral
    Relieve your family of the burden of arranging your funeral while also creating the send-off that suits your preferences.
  • Pre-plan a loved-one’s funeral
    When the time comes, you’ll be glad you don’t have to worry about hurriedly getting the family to agree to all the funeral details. It’s sensible to preplan it when you’re in a better emotional state.

How does it work?

A prepaid funeral is one where all the arrangements are planned before the death and the costs are calculated at today’s prices, and payment is made up front (or in instalments). Regardless of how far in the future the funeral actually takes, there will be no additional costs. The pre-payment is invested with a government regulated managed funeral fund who will pay it to the funeral director after the funeral. The whole arrangement is covered by a legal contract that complies with NSW Funeral Funds Act, and the funds cannot be accessed until the funeral is provided.

Can I preplan a funeral but not prepay?

Yes, definitely! You can speak with Deborah, our funeral director, who will take you through the process of preplanning a funeral and she will record the arrangements and store them for when they are needed. You will also receive a copy, so you can give it to your family, or have them stored with your will, if you wish.

Do you charge for preplanning a funeral?

No, it’s free. We’re happy to help you plan the funeral.

Can I prepay funeral costs instalments?

Yes, you can pay for a pre-paid Funeral may be made in one lump sum or through a payment plan.

How will pre-paying for a funeral affect pension entitlements?

No it won’t affect your pension. Pre-paying for a funeral is treated like any other expense, such as buying new furniture, even though the money will actually be placed in an investment with a 3rd party managed funeral fund.Prepaying for your funeral is better than investing the money yourself because, if you were to invest that money yourself, that investment would count towards your asset test, and thus potentially reduce your pension, plus you would have to pay taxes on the yearly interest earned by the investment. You don’t incur any of those costs when you prepay for your own funeral.
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Reasons for pre planning your own funeral

1. To ease the burden on your family.

Arranging a funeral can cause tensions and disagreements, even among the most harmonious families. If your family doesn’t know what funeral arrangements you’d like, they will have to make these decisions at a difficult time: burial or cremation? Which coffin? How much to spend? You can save them all the stress when you prearrange and pre pay for your own funeral.

2. To take financial responsibility for your funeral.

It’s impossible to know what financial stresses your family may already be under at the time of your passing. And even if you are leaving them money in your will, they may not be able to access it quickly enough to pay for your funeral.

3. To make the funeral as meaningful as possible.

A funeral is an important part of the grieving process for a family, providing a sense of closure. But when arranging a funeral in a short time, the family often doesn’t have time to add the extra little touches that could have personalized it and made it even more emotionally healing. Touches such as your favourite music or a poem or scripture to be read, or special items to be placed on the coffin.

4. You want your final wishes to be followed.

If you have specific preferences then arranging your own prepaid funeral is the best way to communicate your preferences to your family.

5. Peace of mind

There is something to be said for the comfort of knowing that your affairs are in order.
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Prepaying for your funeral has the advantage that you lock in the current price, and ensure your family won’t experience financial stress.

What is involved in pre-planning a funeral?

Our funeral director, Deborah, will explain the process and the various options and record your choices. This list covers most, but not all of the questions you will need to answer:
  • You will need to provide details that need to be placed on the Death Certificate, such as Date of birth, names and occupations of parents, marriage details, children names and dates of birth.
  • Do you want to be cremated or buried? If cremated, do you want your ashes buried in a memorial garden or cemetery, or scattered somewhere? If buried, at which cemetery?
  • Do you have any special requirements for your coffin, such as type of material or cost?
  • Do you want your organs to be donated, if possible?
  • What should happen to your body if you die overseas?
  • What type of funeral service do you want:
    • Single service – at a chapel, church or by the graveside.
    • Dual service – first at a church or chapel, and then at the graveside or crematorium.
    • Memorial service – takes place after the body has been buried or cremated.
  • Where do you want the funeral service to be held: a chapel, church, private home, public space such as a park or beach, or by the graveside?
  • Would you like a wake and where should it be held?
  • Make a list of who you would like to be notified of your death and invited to your funeral. There may be people whom your family don’t know or don’t have contact details for.
  • Would you like a notice placed in newspapers?
  • Do you have any particular preferences for flowers at your ceremony or on the coffin?
  • Do you have any preferences for who you’d like to lead the funeral ceremony: a celebrant, clergy, family member or friend?
  • Would you like any items to be cremated or buried with you?
  • Would you like a headstone or memorial plaque and what you would like written on it?
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Prepaid Funerals

Communicating with your family

Before pre-planning your own funeral, you may like to talk to your family to find out if they have any preferences. One important decision is whether to have a viewing or not, but they may have other input.
After pre-planning your own funeral, it is important that you tell your family that you have made arrangements for a funeral. Copies of the pre-paid funeral contract should be given to members of your family, or filed with the Will and other important documents.

What happens if the funeral director goes out of business?

Your money will be safe and available to be paid to a different funeral director because the prepaid funeral expenses are invested with an independent funeral fund manager in strict accordance with the NSW Funerals Act (1996) and the money cannot be accessed until the funeral is provided.

Is pre-need the same as prepaid?

Yes. Pre-need is more of a technical, jargon term used by academics and the legal system. They use pre-need to refer to prepaid and at-need to refer to arranging a funeral after the death has occurred.

Prepaid funerals vs funeral insurance

Funeral insurance is a type of life insurance. It differs from a prepaid funeral in that with funeral insurance the payment to beneficiaries is made as a lump sum dollar amount and the receivers can spend it on anything they want to. Whereas with prepaid funeral, the contract stipulates that the funeral fund manager can only use the money to pay a funeral director to cover the prearranged funeral costs.
There are two other major differences:
  • You will keep paying a yearly or monthly insurance premium until your death. If you stop paying before your death, then you don’t receive any benefits.
  • You will need to undergo health checks so the insurance company can determine your premium.
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